Web development is the second phase and starts after the completion of first phase i.e. web design. We convert the graphic web layout into a proper web page to make it searchable or downloadable on the google or from the host. Web development involves different tools and technologies such as HMLT, CSS and JavaScript. Our professional web developers make very neat and clean html for the better performance.

We at sandcastles web design agency care about the structure of the page more than anything. We try to use more text in a proper structure then the images to help google crawler for search. We use the best optimized images during the web development so that the page content can download rapidly.

After the completion of html, we convert those html pages into dynamic pages. i.e. the content of those pages can be change or delete any time by the administrator of the website.


flexibility is the most imporant factor in developing a website. i.e. an admin should have the rights to add, modify and delete the content at anytime. content updation or deletion cannot be possible in the static website. A CMS based website or a dynaamic website provides the great level of flexiblity. an admin can even add products or services with the picture gallery and features. Sandcastles Web Design Agency have that level of web development experties and can produce a CMS based website in dubai in very short span of time

Sandcastles web design agency in Dubai can help you in managing your online content. We have developed our CMS solution on PHP/MySQL, the most secure and scalable technology. This CMS provides different services to the site administrator or webmaster such as add, modify and delete the content with images. Sandcastles web design agency CMS solution provides the flexibility to manage text and high resolution images. This CMS automatically convert the high resolution images into the low resolution without decreasing the quality of the images.

Benefits of certain web CMS systems:

Quick, easy and affordable, WordPress is one of the most popular and user friendly content management systems available. If you want a plug-and-play CMS, that’s easy on the budget, then WordPress is for you.

DotNetNuke is an open-source CMS designed on cutting edge Microsoft ASP.NET Visual Studio platform.

The CMS, with its mature portal framework, multiple database support, run-time extensibility and highly specialized multi-language localization feature, is an ideal platform for setting up and managing multilingual websites.

Drupal is a primarily a publishing platform of unlimited potential. Developed with special tools to help organize, structure, find and re-use content, it comes equipped with a skillfully designed and easy-to-use web interface that’s perfect for setting up a collaborative website.

Used by mega brands like EBay, Ikea, and MTV, Joomla! is a the CMS for creating highly interactive multi-language web sites, blogs, media portals, online communities, and eCommerce applications. It’s a “can-do” content management system that can literally do it all.


Sandcastles Web Design Agency’ e-commerce solutions will give you the biggest online selling counter in Dubai, UAE.

We offer you a variety of customized e-commerce solutions in Dubai, UAE. Sandcastles Web Design Agency e-commerce solution allow you to outfit your e-commerce website with quick and secure integration of payment gateways that urge potential clients to purchase, offer or lead transaction in only a couple of clicks.

Our e-Commerce solution implementation gives your site a worldwide reach, and gives individuals from around the globe an opportunity to purchase your item or services!

e-Commerce solution implementation lessens your business overheads as well as making your commercial center bigger - so you get the two-edged favorable benefits of sparing more in the meantime of winning more. Upgrading your business, for instance by including new items and services or amending value records, is effectively actualized through e-Commerce.

Sandcastles Web Design Agency know about today's e-commerce trends and can outfit your online shop with the ecommerce apparatuses in order to make deals and different transaction conceivable through your site. Whether you're a growing little business, or a built up huge endeavor, we have an e-Commerce arrangement prepared for you.

By partnering with one of the leading e-Commerce website Development Company in Dubai You’ll get:

  • Expanded geographical outreach
  • Expanded customer base
  • Quick and easy transactions
  • 24/7/365 transactions
  • Reduction in buyer’s sorting out time
  • Increased sales potential
  • Better buyer decisions
  • Direct payments
  • Reliable and swift transactions
  • Target market segmentation
  • Increased customer convenience
  • Increase visibility through Search engine marketing
  • Reduction of marketing and advertising Costs
  • Collection of customer data
  • Reduced overheads
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