What is pay per click PPC advertising?

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an effective which offers quantifiable results, right away. While the ideas are moderately straightforward, it takes understanding, learning and expertise to run a fruitful marketing campaign. We utilize a variety of complex systems to help you get most extreme quality from paid search.

"Regardless of what your financial plan, you can show your advertisements on Google and google advertising network. Pay just if individuals click your advertisements," is the manner by which Google AdWords page opens.

Pay Per Click marketing is a type of advertising where promoters can pay to show their advertisements on famous web search engine. All driving internet searchers today have their own price per click services to help you advance your business speedier than if you depend exclusively on natural rankings (utilizing SEO). On the off chance that time is a variable and you require quick results then PPC may be the best answer for you. Some top pay per click service providers incorporates Google's AdWords, Yahoo's Search Marketing, and Microsoft's Bing promotions.

All these PPC service providers keep running along the same basic idea. As a sponsor, you make an advertisement utilizing your business keywrods. At the point when a client looks utilizing any of your keyword, your advertisement shows up by the list items in supported connections. You pay just when the client taps on your connection.

How Sandcastles Web Design Agency pay per click marketing works?

The veteran internet searcher promoting specialists at Sandcastles Web Design Agency know precisely how to run a fruitful PPC battle for your business, which is essential in light of the fact that a wrong PPC crusade can rapidly gobble up your publicizing spending plan. We're an accomplished pay for every snap organization giving proficient PPC administrations in Dubai, UAE to organizations of all shape and size. We can run your PPC battles on your preferred web indexes without giving a solitary penny of your promotion a chance to spend go to squander.

Here's is a brief process of our pay per click campaign:



The main advantage of PPC is that you can achieve fast results; you will appear on the top pages of Google and any other search engines you advertise on within a short timeframe. If your current ranking is very low and you need to boost awareness and web Sandcastles Web Design Agency towards your site fast then PPC could work well for you. There are however two main disadvantages of PPC; firstly it is much more expensive than SEO and secondly its results can be short-lived once you stop paying for your ads.


Effective PPC requires an understanding of the local market and consumer search patterns. At Traffic, we take the time to get to know your business, your USP, your competitors, your customers, their demands and their needs. The more research we do, the better the PPC results for you and your business.


As in the case with SEO, intelligent keyword research is an integral element of PPC marketing. It’s not all about getting the highest search volumes, it’s about selecting and using keywords that work (convert). At Sandcastles Web Design Agency, we use sophisticated tools to analyze such things as searcher intent, search volume, and even relevancy of various keywords to the buying process. This analysis enables us to generate a set of keywords/key phrases that ensure greatest possible PPC value.


Creating an account on Google AdWords is as simple as creating an email account. Once you've created one, you're good to go.

As a first time advertiser, you'll use AdWords' Starter Edition which will walk you through your first PPC campaign. Afterwards, you can switch to the Standard Edition anytime you want.


A/B testing

As your PPC company in Dubai, we aim to give you ads that trigger clicks. We split test our ads to maximize performance, while our PPC campaign team monitors its own performance and works to improve the overall cost per click score.


PPC can bring in a torrent of quality visitors, but it cannot ensure conversions – at least not on its own. To convent visitors into paying customers you need purpose designed landing pages. At Sandcastles Web Design Agency, we specialize in creating bespoke landing page designs. Our landing pages lead your visitors through the buying cycle and help you make cost effective sales


As your ads will appear only on the relevant search queries, the users may click on your ad leading to an ultimate lead generation and conversion. Every time a user clicks on your ad, you pay Google a certain amount.

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